Who we are

The non-profit organization Broto Onlus and the school Raio de Luz (Light Beam) have signed a collaboration agreement called “project BROTO I”, aiming to implement actions for the integral development of children and adolescents in situation of social vulnerability.

The logo – Why Broto?

“Broto” in Brazilian Portuguese means sprout, the little seed that bears the potentiality of something much bigger. It is, as well, a word with which friends or people in love address each other. Hence, the choice of the name; a broto is something very dear to us all, on which we employ a lot of resources, attention and love and, as the logo reminds us, from a small sprout, a big tree can grow.

This is what we wish upon ourselves and what we would like to wish upon those who we find along the way: that the little sprout that is growing can see us in action together in the great miracle that we all are performing.

The logo was designed by one of the school children, and then digitalized by an expert on graphic work to be used for several purposes of the organization.

Via Ponte, 40 – 86070 Scapoli (IS)

366 375 0152


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