The non-profit organization Broto Onlus and the school Raio de Luz (Light Beam) have signed a collaboration agreement called “project BROTO I”, aiming to implement actions for the integral development of children and adolescents in situation of social vulnerability.

In this regard the school Raio de Luz is committed to:

  • Ensure at least 48 weeks per year of operation of the project;
  • Provide each child or adolescent with a full meal a day, as well as referral to medical care facilities, in case of need.

As to what regards Broto Onlus, this will:

  • Provide free technical advice for the planning and implementation of programs of integral development;
  • Support the project financially;
  • Honor the right to privacy, concerning children and their families.

Broto Onlus is not responsible for the financial or administrative maintenance of the school, therefore, it is not liable for acts such as social, legal or juridical obligations or commitments already taken or to be taken by the school Raio de Luz. Broto provides only social support; therefore, it does not recognize under any circumstance that managers or supporters of the Project, who participate directly or indirectly, can be identified as employees of Broto.


Can be admitted to the project:

  • Children or adolescents who do not belong to other projects or programs of public assistance;
  • Children or adolescents who are in situations of social risk;
  • Children and adolescents originating from large families;
  • Children and teenagers without discrimination of creed;
  • Children and adolescents whose family income does not exceed a minimum wage;
  • Children and adolescents who are regularly enrolled and attending school.

Project: Broto I

Within the project denominated Broto I, the following activities have been executed:

  1. Purchasing of a patch of land adjacent to the current structure of the school Raio de Luz for the future extension of it. Date of completion: January 2008;
  2. Purchasing of land for the construction of an “Outdoor Classroom”, within a green area with typical plants and fruit trees. Date of completion: January 2008. In the same area there will also be three clinics – dental, pediatric and psychological – to offer assistance to the entire community: under construction;
  3. Purchasing of land for the construction of a versatile Gymnasium. Date of completion: June 2008.
  4. Expansion of the school Raio de Luz in Fortaleza. Date of completion: March 2010.

Project: Broto II

Long distance sponsorship of children/pre-adolescents.

Sponsor a child

In exchange for a monthly contribution of €30.00, you ensure basic education, a daily full meal, drinkable water and health assistance for a child or adolescent. The relationship with the children happens through correspondence; and sponsors, on request, can also visit the center Raio de Luz. The application form for sponsorship can be downloaded from our website or, you can contact us at the following email address:

Via Ponte, 40 – 86070 Scapoli (IS)

366 375 0152

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