The association aims to raise awareness, to inform and to promote aid also towards other countries, in particular those in socioeconomic disadvantage and in the process of development. Inspired by principles of human solidarity, the Association, which does not generate profit, proposes to:

  • Promote initiatives of solidarity and intercultural education, geared to youths, to uphold positive change in the dynamics of civil society both in Italy and around the world;
  • Engage in education for development, raising public understanding of social issues and the emphasis of cultural and artistic resources of other countries in the world, especially the most disadvantaged ones;
  • Promote, through national and international relations, initiatives in support of individual and collective human rights recognized by the United Nations, based on principles of solidarity between peoples, to spread a culture of peace, the practice of nonviolence, tolerance and dialogue;
  • Implement activities aimed at the education, preparation, vocational training, improvement and information for those who cooperate or sympathize with the aims of the Association, as well as for a wider arc of beneficiaries, especially youths, women, immigrants, refugees, in the framework of international, national or local projects;
  • Collaborate with the development of emerging countries, through reliable research and implementation of cooperation projects, in autonomy or through partnerships with the Missionary Institutes and local authorities, respecting the culture and environmental viability;
  • Develop publishing activities for institutional purposes and any other activity that may be valid for the dissemination of relevant information;

Particularly for the achievement of the intended purposes and with the intent of acting on behalf of the community in its entirety, the Association is committed to avoiding that projects arise as “outsiders” and to facilitating the projects’ insertion into the local social fabric, enhancing its resources and features. The Association can also:

  • perform all activities related to its institutional purpose;
  • undertake actions it deems appropriate for the achievement of its social goal;
  • collect, in the appropriate manner and with safeguards, funds to perform works in line with the abovementioned, being also able to perform financial, security and real estate transactions to achieve the same.

    Via Ponte, 40 – 86070 Scapoli (IS)

    366 375 0152

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